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PRINCE OF THREE KINGDOMS by John Garrett McIntyre is a truly rare Celtic non-fiction targeted towards young people ages 7 to 12.  Fully illustrated by Celtic Artist James Tyson McIntyre it is based upon the adventure filled life of Muirdach O’Neill,  born a true Prince of Eirinn in the year 1095 AD, and who then was fostered at the tender age of six months to the Norse King of Mann in order to seal a mutual war and protection pact between the Northern Ui’Neill and the Kingdom of Mann.  The story begins with Muirdach’s birth in Ireland and his years at the Manx Court before being forced to flee for his life along with his foster brother Olaf for sanctuary at the Court of the English King.  The balance of the story details the reclaiming of the Manx throne for his Foster brother Olaf, and then centers upon how Muirdach indeed came to be a prince of yet a Third Kingdom, The Kingdom Of Argyll and The Isles.  This amazing true story also accurately relates the origins of 26 of the great Clans of the Western Highlands as descended from Somerled The Mighty, King of Argyll & The Isles. 


BOOMER AND BONNIE GO TO SCOTLAND is a Celtic Children’s fiction by Lindsey Nicole McIntyre aimed at ages 4-7 that is sure to become a favorite read that will keep a youngster entertained while also introducing them to their Celtic Heritage.  Fully illustrated by Celtic Artist James Tyson McIntyre, it is the story of two average American Dogs who take the trip of a lifetime to Scotland and the humorous adventures they have while on that journey.



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